Dubai Bitumen Production Company is a dynamic and reputable company based in Dubai, Dubai actively involved in production and export of various grades of bitumen.

We, Dubai Bitumen Production Co., are a manufacturing company in Bitumen, only providing high quality Bitumen standard grades 40/50 50/70 60/70 80/100 85/100.

Dubai Bitumen is a well-established family oriented company with over 30 years of experience with 100% Customer satisfaction worldwide. We always seek to provide the highest quality and service. Our brand name is embossed on the drums so incase of any problems we can easily identify our cargo. Your company or anyone from your side is more than welcome to present at the time of loading from factory and do any testing in our laboratory or at port of loading. To ensure consistent Quality, we test all cargoes at our own full-equipped laboratory, before releasing the cargo from our refinery. We also provide our clients with Quality and Quantity test report, from third party Inspection Company, for full assurance.

Dubai Bitumen a subsidiary company undertakes the responsibility of ensuring our clients worldwide receive packed bitumen of the highest standard in the industry by overseeing the entire process of procurement and supply; from the supply of steel to the mechanized and filling of the drums, to the eventual loading of the vessels.  We offer the latest methods of payment to our inland and/or off shore accounts.  Our corporation has the ability to generate drums, or purchase specially made drums for bitumen, making it able to stuff 110 new steel drums per each 20 feet container. Our company ensures efficient loading and prompt delivery of high quality drummed Bitumen, Poly bag bitumen or Bulk Bitumen on a FOB basis, a claim which we are proud to make.

Countries we supply

Dubai bitumen company has supplied to many great countries and many highly sensitive road construction projects which include following countries: Kenya, India, Germany, Djibouti, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Congo, Myanmar, Cambodia. Somalia, Ghana, Madagascar, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Sir Lanka, Maldives, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Mozambique, Indonesia, Nigeria, Singapore, Vietnam, Guinea, Indonesia, Turkey, Cameroon, etc.